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Tempsford War Memorial/Cenotaph - Village Vote Results

94 people (66%) agreed with the proposal to move the War Memorial

49 people (34%) disagreed with the proposal.

143 votes were cast.

Two non-Parish Council members of the village oversaw and checked the counting.

The Parish Council held an extraordinary public meeting afterwards (with two public members present) and voted unanimously to accept the vote of the villagers of Tempsford to move the War memorial.


Anglian Water update -

Actions so far:
- Pumping station electrics raised to protect against any future flooding.
- Increased pumping capacity on the Station Road pumping station.
- Camera survey completed.
- Six manholes affected by surface flooding have been sealed.
- Non-return valves installed at two pumping station overflows to stop the river entering the sewer

Current modeling is unable to replicate the flooding seen so far.

Next steps:
A flow survey will begin in January 2014 which will last 1 - 3 months depending on rainfall. The results of this will be used to produce a further model to determine if any additional capital investment is required.

Click here for the transcript of the official response from Anglian Water to Tempsford Parish Council.

High Speed Broadband

In 2011 Central Beds Council received £1,060,000 from central government to improve the provision of high speed broadband in rural areas. Tempsford does not have high speed broadband, the average is 2Mb/s. High speed (or superfast) broadband delivers speeds of between 30Mb/s - 100Mb/s.

Central Beds are currently planning high speed broadband, details here: http://www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/local-business/business-information-and-advice/broadband.aspx

There is an online survey to investigate the need. If you want faster broadband it is recommended you complete to survey to have your say, and ensure Tempsford is included in the plans.

Survey link here: http://www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/surveys/Broadband/broadband_online_survey.htm